Understanding the Power of Confessions

What are Confessions?

Confessions or affirmations in this study means statements you read or say to yourself taken from the Holy Bible consisting of those things that you desire to improve or change about your life or your community. An equivalent word is a Greek word homologeō which is a derivative of two words: homo and logos. Homo means the same as and logos means the said word of God. Therefore to confess is to say the same thing that God has said about any situation in life.

An example of a confession could be, “By his wounds I am healed.”(1 Peter 2:24 GNB). This confession is made by those who desire divine healing or those who want to stay divinely healthy.

Confessions do make natural laws

Confessions have the power to make laws the govern nature. In the example above we quoted a somewhat common confession, “By his wounds I am healed.” This confession when repeated daily soon becomes a law of nature for you and those you have confessed it upon. What I mean is that even when there is an outbreak of a deadly disease it will not have an effect on you. By the words from your mouth you are able to course your life into your desired destines only.

The Apostle James said, “The tongue is a fire; setting on fire the course of nature.” (James 3:6) You can start setting up laws that you and everything in the universe will obey by the correct use of your speech today.

How to confess

Confessions will be more effective when designed in the following ways:
i. Personalize your confessions. Use the words “I” and “My” and never use your name or “you” when constructing confession statements.
ii. Be Positive. Say, “I am healed” and NOT “I am not sick”. Although “I am not sick” carries the same meaning as “I am healed”, it is a very ineffective confession.
iii. Use words that you can visualize. By saying “I am healed” you also picture yourself standing upright, shoulders high, etc. I mean you see a posture of a healthy person. Visualization words reinforce your confessions.
iv. Use the present tense. Say, “I am healed” and not “I will be healed”. The past tense does not create the laws of nature. All confessions that Christ made were in the present tense. “I am the good shepherd”, “I am the resurrection”, etc.
v. Be enthusiastic. The bible says the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. So also is a fervent heartfelt confession, it creates laws that you will unconscious follow faster than never.

What are Universal Laws?

Universal laws are decrees or confessions that the Almighty God made when creating the universe. For example the book of Job declares that God made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder (Job 28:26 KJVR). Furthermore, God spoke the course for planet Mars, Jupiter, the Earth, etc. You too have been given the same power to initiate and change the course of nature to fulfill your dreams.

Be Blessed.


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