The Greatest Mistake I ever made

I woke up one morning to pray but I was feeling rather low so I relaxed in the couch as I thought of how to begin my prayers. Whilst in that position I was thinking about when God would bless me because as far as I was concerned I had been following him faithfully for quite some time. Then God interrupted my thoughts and taught me something that changed my life immediately.

The lesson begun by walking me through the bible from Genesis to Revelation and showing me one common characteristic of those He mightily used. The likes of Moses, Jacob, the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul and many more all had one common characteristic. These had all served others faithfully before being used mightily by God.

Moses was faithfully tendering his father’s in law sheep when he had an encounter with God that ushered him to greatness. Jacob had served his father in law faithfully for 20 years (Genesis 31:41) before his journey to greatness started where he encountered an angel that changed his name and destiny. James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother were in their father’s ship mending the nets when Jesus called them and changed their destiny to one that I am referring to more than 2 thousand years after. Jesus found Matthew faithfully collecting taxes for the Roman Empire. Apostle Paul had an encounter when he faithfully led an ambush against the Jews that called upon the name of Christ. Even Abraham faithfully served his father Terah and his household before God asked him to leave them to a place that would change the entire history of the world.

And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own? (Luke 16:12 KJVR)

Most of us want God to bless us with ministries but we are not willing to follow God’s set down procedures. God blesses those who are faithful and measures our faithfulness through our service rendered to other people. The service you are rendering does not have to be related to your final calling but has to be faithful service nonetheless. Matthew was a tax collected but he ended up an apostle for example.

The question to ask ourselves is whether we are in employment for the rewards or for service. That is how you are able to screen yourself as to whether you are a faithful employee or not. I realised that I had changed so many jobs in the past because I was in it for the rewards rather than for service.

God will never entrust you with true riches until you faithfully serve another man’s business. In the examples given above most of the service was done to fathers. That implies that when you do service in another man’s business, do it as though you are the next of keen then God will usher you into your true inheritance promised to Abraham and his descendants.


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